Clearance Inflatable Boards

iSUP Outfitter 10'10 - Toughest layup on winning BK Pro shape

Outfitter outfitting except NO HEAVY DUTY BUMPER RAILS. Standard rail construction.

The 10’10” Outfitter is designed to be as good in the rapids as it is being dragged over rocks at your exit point. Don’t let the rugged exterior fool you, this board can also handle a flat sunny day on the lake with your picnic gear and furry friend. Our Outfitter line is designed for the most rugged situations you will encounter on your iSup. These boards can take a beating from you and the elements while still being a fully functional, one board quiver.
Length: 10' 10"
Width: 32.50"
Thickness: 6.00"
Weight: 37.00 lbs.
Volume: 275.00 gal.
MSRP: $999.00
Clearance: $699.95
Shipping: $50.00
Cont. USA only


iSUP Crossover 10'11 - For cruising and small wave surfing in all waters

Not exact photo. 2017 Alanui deck pad with 4 deck D-rings.

Based on our successful Feathercore Crossover Model, the iSup Crossover has gone the distance in all types of water. This board was the board of choice for Archie Kalepa’s 187 Mile journey down the Colorado River. It can handle moderate rapids and surf, but is at home in flat water. Whether you are looking for a board to paddle through the Grand Canyon, or just paddling from one end of your local reservoir to the other, the Crossover will get you to your destination with ease.
Length: 10' 11"
Width: 29.50"
Thickness: 6.00"
Weight: 25.00 lbs.
Volume: 200.00 gal.
MSRP: $1,049.00
Clearance: $845.00
Shipping: $50.00
Cont. USA only