Turbo Spud 8'4

Perfect combo of performance surf and fun

Spudnik 8'4

Manueverability and speed for performance surfing

Forward-Vee Batwing 8'6

Agile and fast like a bat

Micro-SUB 8'8

Turn on a dime and make the drop on any wave

Waterskate 9'0

The perfect small SUP for soft waves

Bruddah 9'6

All-around board for smaller paddlers

Ten-Thirty 10'0

A do-everything board for all conditions

iSUP Rapid Rider 10'1

The ultimate standing wave and rapid riding board

iSUP Cmac ATB 10'6

The original inflatable river riding board

Holo Holo 10'6

Tough and stable all-around for beginners and renters

Da Beachboy 10'6

All around board for beginners and XXL paddlers

Classic 10'6

A legend returns.

Classic X 10'6

The legend continues

iSUP XXL 10'8

Best all-around for fresh and salt-water

Crossover 10'10

Perfect combo of touring and mellow surf

Holo Holo 11'6

Most stable, all-around beginner board