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Over the years, many committed stand- up surfers have asked us when C4 Waterman would produce short SUP boards. Actually, C4 has always made short and ‘super-short’ SUPs. In fact, back in 2004, we were responsible for the sport’s very first short, high-performance boards. Back then, when everyone was grappling with cumbersome 12-foot tankers we were riding 10-foot and even 9’2” mini-SUPs.

However, these boards, designed and shaped by Dave Parmenter, were always built in the C4 Hawaii ‘Skunkworks’ as experimental prototypes for the C4 team. And even though generations of 8 to 9-foot SUPs have been shaped, glassed, and ridden into the ground, C4 decided not to put them into widespread production until it was commercially viable – meaning: when there was enough demand out there from experienced SUP surfers to make it worthwhile putting short designs into composite molding.

The SUBNine Series is all about throwing open the doors to our secret Hawaii Skunkworks and letting you peek at the latest designs on the shaping racks. You are riding the same up-to-date shapes the C4 Team is riding around the world, not the recreational models that get granny around the lake. SUBNine is about whip- turning performance on C4’s FeatherCore Composite and Rigid AirCore SUPs that are straining every component to help you close the gap between conventional surfboard and SUP performance.

Turbo Spud






iSUP iZAP 7’11

iSUP Sub-Vector

iSUP iZAP 8’11