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What if you aren’t going to save lives with an iRESCUE jet ski sled or win an elite whitewater race on an iSUP? What if you just want to surf? Now C4 Waterman has applied the same rough-and-ready technology to our new iSURF line. Designed by Dave Parmenter, these four models utilize classic plan-shapes married to slippery bottom rockers, and granted thrust with the addition of C4’s revolutionary, patent-pending Cuttlefish fin boxes, which allow you to attach on the tail any FCS surfboard fin array.

Safe for kids, durable and stable for lesson or rental fleets, the iSURF Puffersticks, iZAP, and Blowfish nonetheless deliver enough performance and speed for the hardcore surfer. Go big on those close-out floaters, or kite surf, or push your keiki into their first wave. …then roll up the board into a backpack and go. You can stuff your board into an overhead barrel and then the overhead bin——–the C4 iSURF boards are the ultimate travel surfboards.