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iSUP Travel Backpack (3064)

Push the portability boundry with our full sized, fully adjustable iSUP backpack. The heavy-duty 600D nylon material has a top opening and a clamshell style side opening for super easy loading. Measuring 54 inches by 27 inches, it fits all our iSUP models, even the XXLs.

This is a major upgrade to the stock iSUP bag. The compression waist belt, side compression straps, sternum strap and load-lifter stabilizer straps provide maximum comfort during any portage.

Rail Tape

Rail Tape (3028)

Protect the rails of your board with this clear, durable, peal-and-stick tape. Two, six-foot by 2-inch wide pieces of rail tape.

Two 6′ x 2″ pieces of rail tape

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Race Rail Tape

Race Rail Protection (3019)

Protect the rails of your race board with this durable, peal-and-stick tape. Two, eight-foot by 3 1/8-inch wide pieces of rail tape.

Two 8′ x 3 1/8″ pieces of race rail tape

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C4 Multi-Purpose SUP Leashes

With lengths from 7’ to 10’, and available in Competition, Standard and Heavy-Duty thickness gauges, the C4 Waterman leash array covers every type of paddler and water condition from manini to mutambo.

The innovative C4 SUP Racing Leash is the most efficient, drag-free leash on the planet. Designed by the crack C4 race team, the SUP Racing leash consists of two separate cord components, beginning with 4 feet of 5.5 millimeter two-tone urethane cord joined to the ankle strap to keep the leash from tangling around your feet, and then 6 feet of No-Drag 1/8 inch nylon string connected to the detachable triple-wrap rail saver———–why pull a garden hose through the water when you are straining to pull ahead of the pack? With custom molded fittings and dual stainless swivels, the C4 SUP Racing Leash is a pro-grade accessory but also the perfect solution for the recreational paddler seeking a low-drag leash for the lake.

C4 Back In Black Trucker Hat (MH301)

Black fabric with embroidered logo. Adjustable snap back.

C4 Blue Ka Uhi Trucker Hat


C4 Blue Ka Uhi Trucker Hat (MH302)

Custom tattoo inspired print with embroidered logo.  Adjustable snap back.


C4 Uli Trucker Hat

Uli Trucker Hat (MH303)

Slate blue with embroidered logo.  Adjustable snap back.

C4 Ka Uhi Trucker Hat (MH107)

Custom tattoo inspired print with embroidered logo. Adjustable snap back. Color: Black/Charcoal.

C4 FlexFit Visor (MH105)

Red or black fabric with embroidered logo. 63% polyester, 34% cotton, 3% elastine.

C4 KaUhi Visor (MH108)

Custom tattoo inspired print with embroidered logo adjustable velcro. Color: Black/Charcoal.

Deck Dots

Tired of bland old deck pad? Try some C4 Waterman Deck Dots! This multi-colored assortment self-sticking EVA deck pad biscuits– 32 count per order– allows you customize your board. Just peel and stick them wherever you want. Put some on the nose for those cheater fives, make a cozy sit zone for your kid, help secure your gear bag, or give your canine friend a nice, grippy perch.

Multiple Colors: Green Camo, Red, Purple and Light Blue.

Ka Uhi Blade Cover

Snug up your paddle Hawaiian-style style with this zippered paddle cover embellished with the unique tattoo art of Keone Nunes. Why chip away the life of your paddle? Keep your blade cozy and rosy with the Ka Uhi cover. Fits blades 7-10 inches in width.

C4 Paddle Bag

Taking your paddle around the world on your own Endless SUPper or just tucking your blade into winter storage? Slip your paddle in this padded cocoon to make sure it’s ready for action. The C4 paddle case sports an adjustable Velcro fit and shoulder strap, as well as a carefully balanced easy-carry handle. Fits paddles up to 87 1/2” tall.

C4 Pro Deck Pads

Get rid of that grimy, gritty wax, and Get a Grip! Enjoy the comfort and reliable sure-footed traction of the sports first sport-specific deck pad. Even our competitors favor them. Each C4 Pro Deck Traction Pad includes a Comp Stomp tail pad along with the main deck pad, so your whole board is covered. Soft and comfortable on your feet, the C4 Pro deck pad also serves as a protective cushion for your board’s deck. Eliminates ‘club foot’ from standing on wax all day, and reduces pressures dents. …And they are styled to improve the appearance of any board.

Easy to custom cut and apply with strong peel-and-stick 3M adhesive backing. Available in marble, grey, and blue camouflage.

This universal-template race board deck pad is designed to fit any board from 10’ to 17’. Easy to detail/custom cut, and stays stuck with 3M’s ultra-sticky peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Don’t allow foot fatigue to slow you down on your next race or cross-country venture. Good traction and firm footing is the foundation of your paddling power, so don’t waste torque and speed by curling your toes trying to grab onto wax or inferior deck pads. Get a Grip!

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Paddle Grips

The C4 Paddle grip is more than a soft, cushy hand hold——–it’s also a highly visibly safety marker should you be separated from your paddle. Applies easily and stays stuck with 3M’s high-grade peel-and-stick adhesive backing. Available in Red, Pink, Light Blue, and Green Camo.

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CMAC River Fins

C4 Ambassador Charlie MacArthur is a year-round instructor in many mountain sports, so he’s C4’s go-to guy for all things mauka. CMac designed these low-aspect polypropylene fins for paddling environments prone to submerged rocks, snags, or shallow sandbars or reefs. Hit something unexpectedly? Don’t rip out your fin box or mangle epensive fiberglass fins———-upon impact these super-bright-colored lightweight plastic CMacs fins are designed to pull out of the fin plugs and float.

2 3/4″ sides

37/8″ center

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Pump Kit

Why worry about inflation in these trying times! Need an extra pump for that beach house or lake cabin? Grab one of these high-volume single-stage Bravo pumps as a spare.

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12 Volt Pump Kit

The Bravo BTP 12 high-pressure pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating any one of our Rigid Aircore products. Hook it up to a 12 volt battery and it puts out up to 15 psi air pressure.

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iSUP Accessories

C4 iSUPs are easy to repair and customize. Patch and glue, add D-rings, or trick out your rig for fishing and touring.

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C4 SUP How-To DVD’s

Volumes One and Two of C4’s pioneering Standup Paddle Surfing instructional DVDs. Over 115 minutes of tips and insights from the pros will take you from the flat water to the surf. Hosted by Brian Keaulana, Todd Bradley and Dave Parmenter.

River SUP Volume One is an equal parts instruction video and action/adventure film. Concise clips and articulate explanations usher the aspiring SUP river paddler through the ins-and-outs of all sorts of river paddling, from coasting down mellow streams to the advanced techniques involved in paddling dangerous Class II & III rapids. Hosted by whitewater Yoda, Charlie MacArthur.

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C4 SUP 50″ Rack Pads (AP305)

Set of two, durable 50″ Core Four rack pads.

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C4 SUP Tailgate Pad (AP304)

Core Four tailgate pad.

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C4 SUP Soft Racks


C4 SUP Soft Racks(AP303)

C4′s 35-inch wide soft racks with 1-inch nylon webbing straps and cam locks allow you to strap up to three SUPs to the roof of your car.

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