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C4 Waterman’s new FeatherCore Composite line of SUPs is based on the rigorous refinement of the foam sandwich/composite structures to find the construction that best suits the unique needs of the next generation of high- performance stand-up paddleboards.

Our testing has found that deck and bottom wood veneer laminates provide the lightest, strongest, least expensive ‘skin’ to complement our featherlight EPS-cored SUPs. These very thin veneer sheets are sandwiched between successive layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and then pressure molded around the EPS core. This creates a sort of monocoque fuselage, much like an aircraft, in which the skin of the surfboard in effect becomes the stringer or stiffener. We have also changed the finish on our new range of boards to a classic gloss resin surfboard-style finish—no more chipping!

“As the shaper and designer of C4 Waterman’s range of stand-up paddle and surf boards, I pencil in, cut out, and shape each and every new prototype by hand, and personally ‘flight test’ them in Hawaii and around the world from 1-foot crumblers to big Hawaiian reef surf. C4 was the first stand-up company to do this, and we are still the only one that does this, day in – day out. In a world where a brand’s pedigree is tied up in its logo, I prefer to let pedigree rest in your first, carving, lean-on-the-paddle turn on one of my designs.” –Dave Parmenter

Grom 7’4

Turbo Spud 8’4

Spudnick 8’4

Forward-Vee Batwing 8’6

Micro-SUB 8’8

Waterskate 9’0

Sub Vector 9’3

Da Bruddah 9’6

Sub Vector 10′

Ten-Thirty 10′

Da Beachboy 10’6

Crossover 10’10

Wai Nui 14′

V1 14′

Pro Racer 12’6

Pro Racer 14′

Munoz UltraGlide 11′

Munoz UltraGlide 12′

Munoz Mongoose 12’6

Holoholo EVA 10’6

Holoholo EVA 11’6