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C4 Waterman was founded upon the contributions of many generations of watermen and waterwomen. The C4 Ambassadors on this page are role models for us both in and out of the water.  While our Ambassadors’ contest results, extreme adventures, or publicity are welcome, we believe the essence of the waterman’s spirit to be respectful, cored with sportsmanship and camaraderie, and as a positive role model for future generations. Above all, the waterman possesses an abiding concern for the safety and well-being of all who partake in the waves and waterways of our ocean planet.

Please use this page to connect with our C4 Ambassadors directly. Under each short bio are links that show how you can ‘meet’ our Ambassadors.

Every person that lives their life by the core values of the C4 brand is an Ambassador for C4 Waterman. Follow our page and feel free to keep us in the loop with what you do and where you are doing it.


Elite Team

Raimana Van Bastolaer

Tahitian waterman par excellence, master of the world’s heaviest wave, SUP pioneer, unofficial mayor of Tahiti, worldly innovator and Polynesian traditionalist——–it’s Raimana’s World, we just live in it.


Charlie MacArthur

Growing up along the shores of California and Hawaii as well as in the mountains of Colorado, Charlie is C4’s ‘Mauka to Makai’ guru. In the summer he can be found kayaking first descents on wild Rocky Mountain rivers; in winter he might be found instructing students in telemark and alpine skiing——-or you’ll spot him surfing or paddling on Oahu, where in 2003 he discovered stand-up surfing and soon became THE pioneer of river SUP.

Jen Lee

A daughter of Queen’s Surf and an alumnae of Rell Sunn’s menehune contests, Jenny brings to the C4 Waterman ‘ohana all the elegant poise and instinctive ocean skills of her Hawaiian roots. Jen-Jen is equally at home on the nose of her favorite longboard, in the middle of the Kaiwi Channel paddling toward the finish line, hurtling through the Makaha Bowl in a four-man surfing canoe, or as a Honolulu City & County Water Safety Officer perched in her lifeguard tower watching over Waikiki beachgoers.


Greg Pavao

A member of SURFER Magazine’s ‘Hot 100” roster back in 1980, Greg has been for decades a stand-out surfer on every type of board wherever he surfs in Hawaii. A veteran canoe paddler and coach, Greg has mastered every  Hawaiian ocean craft and skill, and his extraordinary eye for design makes him an invaluable member of the C4 design team. And you’ll see him nurse a turn as often as you’ll see Haley’s Comet.


Alika Willis

If they would only turn Duke Kahanamoku around to face the sea at Waikiki, the father of modern surfing would be pleased to see Alika Willis ripping the waves at Queen’s or hammering down the home stretch of a paddleboard distance race. Yep, you won’t spot this Hawaiian beachboy weaving a lauhala hat under a coco palm——–you’ll find him in the finals.

Christina Bauer

From Holland to Germany, France to Switzerland, you’ll find Christina on her 14’ V1 torqueing toward the podium in all the European SUP races.  An SUP ambassador par excellence, Christina is at the vanguard of cultivating safety in the growing sport.



C4 Explore Team

An eclectic crew of Canadian adventurers, the C4 Explore Team shares one common goal ——– to explore uncharted territory on iSUPs.  A small brigade of travelers, skiers, climbers, mountain bikers, paddlers, writers and photographers, the C4 Explore Team includes Todd Lawson, Christina Tottle and Trevor McDonald. Together they seek adventure in iSUP expeditions to remote and unpaddled alpine lakes, wild rivers, seacliffs, caves, and mountain peaks around the globe——— even if it leaves them up a creek without a paddle…


Georges Cronsteadt

Georges Cronsteadt is one of the top Tahitian paddlers of both canoes and SUPs. By day he delivers mail on Tahiti, but finds time to train with legends that live nearby such as Raimana Van Bastolaer. Here in the US, Georges has taken top accolades at Battle of the Paddle Hawaii and California.

Hannah Finlay-Jones

Being the youngest Aussie female C4 Ambassador hasn’t kept Hannah from charging all manner of surf and race comps at the State and National levels. Hannah enjoys visiting Hawaii and LOVES surfing those long, clean waves at Waikiki and finishing off the day with Hula Pie at Duke’s Restaurant!

Kalani Vierra

With a day that starts at 4:30 a.m. in the gym, Kalani is one of the busiest—–and most focused—–members of the C4 ohana. Though he is Captain of the Kauai County Water Safety Division, Kalani finds time to train diligently in OC1, OC2, and OC6 canoes, on his stand-up raceboards, with his jet ski on rescue and tow-in techniques, and polishing his tandem surfing regimen for the next international championship.


Klaus ‘Cosmo’ Frieser

C4 Waterman Europe’s White Water specialist! Waterfalls, gnarly creeks and class V rapids are no problem for Klaus. Always looking to push the boundaries on his Rapid Rider…he is leading the way in the SUP River world!


Louis Chip Bock

Chip is one of those die-hard paddlers that got bitten early by the SUP bug and never recovered. Since 2006 he has devoted the bulk of his free time to paddling, whether skylarking with his wife Nancy and daughter Gaya, or battling it out stroke-for-stroke with the fastest SUP racers in the world. Powerful, passionate, and an intense competitor, Chip is a credit to an ever-growing sport.


Marcelo Díaz

Officially designated honorary president of ”Gondolin Kluba” the first SUP CLUB in the Basque Country, Marcelo is one of the SUP pioneers in the Old World. As founder of C4Supcenter, the first official C4Waterman establishment in Europe, Marcelo is well known for his ‘Paddle For The Sahara Kids’ program, which he designed to help introduce SUP and surfing to disadvantaged kids from the desert region.


Matteo Bof

Ex-pro windsurfer and kitesurfer, Italian film star, stuntman, and helicopter pilot, Matteo is an all-around sportman who employs all his talents to promote SUP and C4 throughout Europe. In the surf or on the flat water, it doesn’t matter———Matteo will be there with his iSUP quiver!


Noland Keaulana

After his uncle Brian Keaulana gave him his first short stand-up board, Noland soon became the Wayne Lynch of SUP by being the first SUPer to carve radical, past-vertical, through-the-lip turns on his backhand. Never one to hold back, whether flying the ama on an OC-1, steering his four-man canoe team in his grandpa Buffalo’s surf meet, or whipping his 9’0” Bat-tail into a helicopter 360, Noland keeps all eyes riveted on him and wondering, “Will he make it?”

Richard Finlay-Jones

A self-described “king of the fat-old-bald-blokes,” Richard is one of those classic guys you love to share the line-up with. Though he claims he “won’t go out if its too big, too windy, too choppy or too closey-outy, cos I’m a big scaredy cat,” we know for a fact he still goes out if its a bit choppy.


Ryan Levinson

Ryan serves as an inspiration to all as he fights Muscular Distrophy, yet still rips in the SoCal surf. He was voted as the 2011 Outside Magazine Reader of the Year.

Elyse Comerford

A passionate ambassador committed to expanded the sport of SUP on a national and international level, Elyse is a key member of the national committee Surfing Australia, in which she is the NSW Representative for Stand Up Paddling. Elyse is also owner/manager of Byron Stand Up Paddle, as well as co-founder of Lennox Paddle Surf Club.


Terrene Black

Australian, Terrene Black is a board-rider. Paddle board, short board, snow board- Terrene does it all. Having first laid her hands on a stand up paddle at the start of 2011, Terrene got hooked on the stoke and has not looked back.


Glenn (Glenno) Turner

A competitive shortboarder and longboarder, qualified lifeguard and SUP Instructor, Glenno lives and breathes the Waterman lifestyle with his two beautiful daughters in Merewether Australia. Glenno has also played an instrumental role in redesigning the SUP short board revolution with his novel and brave designs for the C4 Waterman semi-custom range in Oz.

Masayuki Takahata AKA Yacu

When it comes to making good on your bucket list, Japanese national Yacu Takahata is a master. He’s a member of the Japanese 2009 World Champion rafting team. He’s been up Mount Everest on environmental clean-up mission’s. He’s finished three gruling eco-challenge events in New Zealand, Argentina and Borneo. With his determination and focus now on SUP, he is dedicating his time to new challenges and teaching SUP in Japan.

Thad Foote

Thad loves to help others discover what he found in Biscayne Bay as a kid… freedom on the water.  For Thad, water offers endless opportunities to explore the world, exercise the body, and fuel the soul.  Whether he’s paddling across the Gulf Stream, racing in all corners of Florida or guiding trips on the Bay, Thad finds peace in simple pleasures.

Bill Whiddon

Bill began surfing in 1964 and after 50-plus years as a hardcore waterman, he is more stoked than ever.  As a highly competitive SUP racer for the last 5 years, Bill continues to push the limits and prove that age is only a number.  With a daily training schedule of paddling, gym and SUP surfing, this seasoned waterman is ready for the next exciting aquatic challenge.

Steve West

Former pro windsurfer, twice crowned Masters OC Molokai winner, a stack of Aussie titles, OC team member with Travis Grant, Steve loves charging downwind and is stoked to embrace the C4 Waterman ethos. His legendary OC publications are housed in the University of the South Pacific and Hawaii. A former OC National Coaching Director for Australia and Fiji, currently CEO ASI SUP Europe training instructors, he’s soon to release a 450 page SUP book.


Matt Paula

Matt grew up in St. Agustine, FL and has been surfing ever since he can remember. Now a resident of Colorado, Matt works as an instructor at Timberline Tours and spreads the aloha spirit to everyone he meets on the river. Oh yeah…did we mention that Matt can also crush you in a cook-off? He’s one heck of a private chef.